JFS Document Management System Documentation
System Overview

Shared Files

This system is an Intranet based system custom-designed to facilitate the flow of client documentation for the Butler County Department of Job and Family Services.

All user interactions with the system use the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 browser running on a computer using either Windows95 or Windows98 operating systems. Written predominantly in VBscript and JavaScript, the system relies upon ASP, ADO, and ODBC connectivity. It is designed to be housed on a webserver hosting Microsoft IIS server software with DSN access to a Oracle 8i database.

Information detailing page design, security-access, DSN connection strings, and data locations are contained in a series of shared text files that are accessible to all utilities throughout the system. One change to these files will propagate that change throughout the site.

Site access is controlled using a 3-pronged approach. 1st, the site username is automatically inserted using the value set in the operating system when the user first logged-on to the machine. This is verified against a database table detailing access rights. 2nd, the IP address of the client computer is checked against a list of IPs hard-coded in the ss.asp program. 3rd, certain session variables are checked at least once on every single page and, if not correct, access is denied.

The system was designed to minimize persistent ADO connections to the database and thereby minimize problems inherent in having open, stagnant database connections.

JFS System WOrkflow Diagram