George Burns once said "I love to sing, and I love to drink scotch.
Most people would rather hear me drink scotch."

I'm more of a beer drinker, but other than that most people would say the same about me.

photo courtesy of
Richard O. Jones / Hamilton Journal-News
Haven't had enough? Well here...take some more: These recordings are not professionally done, but you'll probably realize that once you start listening. These are just a few songs we've recorded without any monkeying around to hide the mistakes.
There's a few more truly live recordings a little further down the page.

If you like what you hear, tell somebody....I'm looking for places to play. If you don't like what you hear, tell me. There's a contact link a little further down the page.
Thanks for listening.
Hey Baby
Nobody Knows You When
You're Down And Out
Hot Corn Cold Corn
Frog Kissin’
LIVE at Taffy's : I Like Beer
LIVE at Taffy's : Sioux City Sue
(with Barb Berne)
LIVE at J. Austin's : Home Grown Tomatoes
(with Barb Berne and Chico Converse)

Now accepting bookings in the Cincinnati area.
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Just For Giggles...
There are a few cell-phone videos posted out on YouTube. Nothing special, but if you've got some time to kill, you could go and click here to check them out.

Saturday August 15 @ 9:00am

Saturday September 12 @ 10:00am
Courthouse Square, Hamilton, Ohio

TUESDAY MAY 19 @ 9:30pm
111 E Sixth St, Newport, Kentucky
Kevin, Barb, & Chico

Bring your dancing shoes!
Chico Converse (of the Cincinati band Lagniappe) is bringing his gypsy fiddle. Barb will have her effervescent accordions, and Kevin is bringing his special kind of twang, and who knows what will happen. One thing's for will certainly be a great party. But don't be late...things will get started at 9:30 and be over before you know it.

Saturday September 28th...12:00 Noon
12th Annual Pyramid Hill Art Fair
Kevin & Chico Return !!!!!

Another turn on the Music Cafe Stage
Great show Tuesday September 22nd in the Grand Ballroom at the Fitton Center in Hamilton, Ohio
Full Moon Ranch, Cody Hays, Brad Monti, and Kevin. If you haven't checked out the Music Cafe, you really should. 4th Tuesday every month, coffee and cookies, and a LOT of great music.

New Album: Home Recordings #1
Now Available Exclusively
at Live Performances!
I hope you'll enjoy it.

A Great Time Was Had By All!!!
Friday June 20, 7:00pm
Miami University, Downtown Hamilton
They say there's nothing to do in Hamilton on Friday nights...but on this Friday night they were wrong! A bunch of us had a great time kicking off Miami's new Friday Night Music series. Like always, it was hard to pigeon-hole me into a music category. Sometimes I was folky. Sometimes I was country. Sometimes I was comical. Sometimes I was rowdy. Sometimes I do something that tears at your heartstrings. Sometimes I let the audience take over and sing the songs themselve. All I can say is whether the song was something brand new or the song was something decades old, it all come out sounding like me. One thing's for certain...I think everyone, including me, had a good time. Thanks to John Vaughn and Miami University Downtown Hamilton for hosting. We caught a few of the songs on cell phone video. Click the links below to watch on YouTube:
  Old Hippie
Clay Pigeons
The Toilet Seat Song
Evangeline (with Barb Berne)
click here to check other videos on Kevin's YouTube Channel.

Saturday September 28th...
11th Annual Pyramid Hill Art Fair
Had the honor of being both the first and last musical act on the first day of the Art Fair.
The weather was beautiful, the event was well-attended, and the lovely park was a wonderful place to hold such an event.
For the first show at noon, I was joined on mandolin by Donnie Hampton of the Kentucky 31 Bluegrass Band.

We did an hour-long set that was more country-oriented, with a few oldies thrown in for good measure.
To top out Saturday's festivities, I was also given the honor of being the closing act from 5:00 until the fair was over at 6:00.

I was joined onstage this time by Chico Converse of the Cincinati band Lagniappe.

Chico brought his gypsy fiddle and we played a set of mostly oldies hits(which to me means 50s and 60s).
Audiences at both shows seemed to have a good time, which is exactly what we were trying to make sure happened :-)
Click this link to view some of the audience-taken video of the shows.

Thanks to the late Harry Wilks, Leslie Jones, and Pyramid Hill for letting us be a part of their big weekend.
We hope to see you all again soon

The Music Cafe at the Fitton Center in Hamilton, Ohio Tuesday August 27
Once again, had a good show at the Music Cafe. It was a lot of fun.
Shared the stage with several really talented musicians and the audience seemed to enjoy the entire evening. Thanks to everyone who came down to listen.

If you missed the show, here are some live recordings
made by a personal recorder sitting on one of the tables:
Play A Train Song
Pray For The Fish
Clay Pigeons
Five Pound Bass

Click here to watch the video for Aquacide
It was January. It was cold. I was told I should take an Aquacize class to stay in shape. After a class or two, inspiration set in. Follow the link to listen to the song that came out.

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