Henry Miller wrote "All the lies and evasions by which man has nourished himself...are the fruits of the creative artist. It is the creative nature of man which has refused to let him lapse back into that unconscious unity with life which charactizes the animal world from which he made his escape." With that said, here's some stuff I've written.

On The Dark Side Of The Moon

A personal reflection on the significance of the Pink Floyd classic.

Did You See It?

I had just pulled into a parking spot at the pizza shop. I noticed a strange object flying through the dark sky over the top of the open field that lay just north of all of the newly paved parking lots at the edge of town.

Oh No! She Wants Us To Read Some Stupid Love Poem

Have you ever read the poem "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell? Well, I had to. I think I saw something in there that everybody else missed...it might not be a love poem at all!

Dear Cousin Henri...My History Midterm

The question was something like "It is 1790 and you are a French peasant. Explain your life and times."

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